Samuel Means

Where does one start to make a concise statement of God's working in their life to bring them to this particular juncture in life?  I can look back on my entire life and see God's marvelous, gracious hand molding, shaping, conforming me to His image and will for my life.  I was rasied in Rogers, Arkansas where our family attended the First Baptist Church.  I recall missionaries passing through and showing slide shows in the fellowship hall, I remember when as a youth traveling with the choir to sing and conduct evangelical back yard bible clubs, and where I spent my Saturdays driving around with "Bro Ralph" as we visited children from our bus route.

Most importantly I remember the summer of 1985, while attending church camp, where I learned it doesn't matter how much I know or do for God, if I have not repented of my on ways and put my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, I cannot be saved.   I trusted in Christ during the mid-week service that week and God justified me by my faith in His Son.

God continued to transform me, as my wife and I began to be discipled after our move to Kansas City MO and marriage in 1995.  Upon graduation from college and commission into the Army, God began to move us around which would bring further experiences.  God used my military service, and the pastors we have served under to prepare and call us to the mission field.  We faithfully served in church ministries, including soul winning and visitation, leading Sunday School, children’s ministries and on staff as the music director at three of the churches we attended.

I continued my military career always asking God through prayer and fasting, "Is it time?"  Finally, after an eleven year wait, God answered my question through His Word,  for THE TIME IS COME."  A powerful answer a soldier can clearly appreciate.

Our time is come, we have been in Mexico since April 2010 and God has allowed us to be a part of several great ministries since arriving on the field, while we learned the culture and language. Zacatecas, where we share in the labor of caring for a children’s home of 38 children. 

In January 2011, God opened a door for us to attend language school in Cuernavaca, Morelos where we not only got started on our Spanish education but also participated the ministry of veteran missionary Steve Reinhold.

In July of 2011, we made our move to Encarnacion de Diaz, Jalisco, where I co-pastored the church of veteran missionary Reynaldo Villarreal while they were on furlough.  Here I was able to put into ministry-practice the Spanish I had learned.  Truly a great time of personal growth and a time where God used us.

June of 2012, God moved us to Oaxaca Mexico where we are excited to start our first work.  We see a lifetime of work that is needed in Oaxaca. Please pray for us as we take the seed of the Gospel to the people of Oaxaca.  So much need, so few laborers.

Carie Means: CPM, MOM, etc.

 Hannah, Josiah, Samuel, Adelina, Haden