We are Church-Planting Missionaries

taking the word of God to the state of Oaxaca 

There has been much work done in years past toward getting the Bible translated into some of the 15 languages and their 120 dialects still spoken throughout the state.  In recent years, there has been a great emphasis on getting the scriptures in audible form due to the extremely high illiteracy rate 21.5% (INEGI 2000), the majority of which is among the indigenous.  However, the most important fact remains, there are very few laborers taking the seed of God’s word into the harvest.  God has prepared us and has readied His word in Oaxaca so that we may be effective for Him taking the seed out and into the harvest. 

Our Mission is as follows:

  • MAKE Disciples that are trained, capable, and motivated to GO and make more disciples.
    • REACH them, then TEACH them
  • Facilitate Church plants - and continue to TRAIN leaders

In November 2011, God opened our eyes to Oaxaca after years of praying for a clear door to be opened to us.  In December of that same year, we took a survey trip to the city Oaxaca. 

No really having any set agenda we asked God to direct our steps for that trip.  We were amazed at everything and everyone that God brought our way in the six days we were there.  In fact, we had planned for an additional two days but did not need it, God had already answered our prayers..

In those few short days, we met some bible translators working with a remote indigenous tribe, a team working on publishing many of the dialects onto audible bibles, even the director of the National Baptist Seminary.  All of which had a common answer when asked about the need in Oaxaca: "there is no one [very few] taking the scriptures out to the indigenous," "no one working among the people."

So many people, so much need, yet the Word of God have been prepared for many of the language/dialects.  Please pray for us as we move to Oaxaca in June 2011, for wisdom about how God will have us reach so many with the scriptures and see indigenous churches started.

Midwifery and Women's Health

Because Oaxaca is predominantly indigenous, many of the remote villages are considered "closed" or "limited" access to outsiders; which means you have to be "creative" in order to access them.

In 2000, God started Carie on the path to becoming a midwife, knowing/hoping that one day God would use her training for "kingdom" advancement.  After years of being a childbirth educator and dula, in August 2009 Carie became a Certified Professional Midwife through NARM.

God has since given her many opportunities to use her training as a midwife in both Mexico and Honduras.  However, all to often she is asked/expected to meet needs that are well beyond her training as a midwife.  It is for that reason that while on furlough God has so graciously given her the opportunity to advance her readiness as she returns to school to become a nurse.

We know, as we branch out deeper into the mountains and remote regions of Oaxaca, God will use Carie's training as both a midwife and a nurse to gain us access where otherwise we would be "closed" out.